About Siân Martin

fine canes stitched to dark translucent fabrics
fine canes stitched to dark translucent fabrics


Siân Martin uses textiles to convey movement and layering in her art. As well as the natural beauty of the landscape, her work makes connections with ideas of conservation.  


Siân uses cloth, paper and stitch to make textiles inspired by places and events within her home environment of Somerset, and in particular the moors and wetland areas.

She includes non textile materials such as locally grown willow and uses the natural environment to weather and colour fabrics.   She works on experimental ways of joining multiple shapes to create illusions of movement and sometimes actual movement.  


Siân Martin has been a maker of textile art since she graduated from Birmingham Polytechnic in 1972 with a BA Hons and MA in Embroidery. She exhibits with the 62 Group of Textile Artists and the Textile Study Group. After graduating from Birmingham, Siân gained her Art Teachers Diploma from the University of Leicester. She enjoys teaching and encouraging others to experiment and explore their ideas through textiles. She offers individual mentoring and mentors a small group of committed textile students – Stitch Textile Artists.

Siân offers textile workshops and lectures to Embroiderers’ Guild Branches and Textile Groups both in this country and abroad.   She is the director of ‘Distant Stitch’, which offers a range of online Courses in Embroidery.


Siân Martin has been a maker of textile art since she graduated from Birmingham Polytechnic. She contributes to the ’62 Group of Textile Artists’ and the ‘Textile Study Groups’, exhibiting in the UK, Sweden, Paris, Tokyo. She also exhibits in and around Somerset with two fellow artists – ‘Artwork Together ‘

CONVERSATIONS‘ – 62 Group of Textile Artists – St Barbes Museum & Art Gallery, Lymington

CHANGE MATTERS‘ – Artwork Together – Town Mill Gallery, Lyme Regis, Dorset 2020 -Bridgwater Arts Centre, Somerset

‘CHANGE‘ – Artwork Together – CICCIC, Taunton, Somerset

INSIGHTS – Textile Study Group – Festival of Quilts

Ctrl/Alt – 62 Group of Textile Artists – Touring

DIS/rupt – Textile Study Group – touring

62@50 – 62 Group of Textile Artists – Holden Gallery, Manchester

INTERVENTIONS – 62 Group of Textile Artists – Platt Hall, Manchester

SURFACE TENSION – Textile Study Group – Knitting and Stitching Shows

AT A TANGENT – 62 Group of Textile Artists – Gallery Oldham

VISUAL THINKING – UNPICKED – Textile Study Group – The Hub Centre, Lincolnshire

BENDING THE LINE – 62 Group of Textile Artists, The Hub Centre, Lincolnshire then touring to Amsterdam and Collins Gallery, Glasgow

9e TRIENNALE INTERNATIONALE DES MINI-TEXTILES, Angers, France, touring to Quebec and San Cugat, Spain. ‘Secheresse’ bought by Musée d’Angers for permanent collection.

PFAFF ART EMBROIDERY CHALLENGE – UK Knitting and Stitching Show and then touring to Paris and around Europe.


Siân lectures and presents workshops in the UK  including Art in the Frame, Jersey and Plas Tan y Bwlch Study Centre, North Wales and further afield in Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada and Israel. She also tutors workshops at the Textile Study Group Summer School.

Siân mentors a group of textile artists at a bi-annual residential masterclass near Bath, Wiltshire.

She also runs an online textile course – Distant Stitch – designed and tutored by her. Siân offers personal online mentoring sessions to individuals.

Siân offers a textile workshop here called ‘In the bag’ and often uses Facebook and Instagram to engage and encourage others to be creative.


Fragmentation and Repair by Shelley Rhodes 2022

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Traces of Life 2015

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