Category: Assemblage

  • Between me and the Sky

    A mixed media textile, using negatives threaded together with translucent silk organza to create an ethereal, watery textile. This reflects the changing light and large expanses of sky that characterise the moorland landscape of Somerset. ‘Between me and the Sky’ was exhibited in ‘Traces of Life ‘ with the UK Textile Study group and the […]

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  • Empty Nest

    Inspired by a small silk bonnet studied at Platt Hall Museum, Manchester. Exhibited with the 62 Group of Textile Artists at Platt Hall in 2012. Somerset willow and machine stitched paper lace made from old school sketchbooks.

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  • How Green is my Valley

    ‘How Green is my Valley’ has been created into a flowing curtain form that hangs like a steep valley. This articulated form has been created from photo fragments from old family photographs. It makes connections with family roots in the hills and mountains of Wales.

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    Dispatched with a Kiss

    Inspired by the journey made by one boy from his home in Afghanistan to safety in the UK’. Exhibited in ‘DIS/rupt’ with the Textile Study Group in 2018.   Fabric fragments threaded onto fine steel wires to create a long suspended textile wall hanging.

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  • ‘Los 33’

    The stack of punched holes makes a hollow void which symbolises the hole drilled deep into the ground to rescue the 33 Chilean miners who were safely brought out after two months incarceration deep underground in the collapsed copper mine in Chile. Exhibited with the 62 Group of Textile Artists in 2010.

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  • Family Ties

    Inspired by the collection of papers accumulated by people over a lifetime. ‘Family Ties’ is a textile lace that is made from stitched paper and fabric fragments. Exhibited with the Textile Study Group at the Knitting and Stitching Shows in 2011 Series of work involving the threading together of fabrics and paper.

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