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  • Garden Stories

    Lockdown 2021: It’s an up-size-down world Inspired by the small world viewed daily in the confined space of a garden and noticing familiar things anew – the beauty of ‘weeds’ and roots. Visit Sian’s blog Visit Sian’s blog Discovering ways of using processes and materials in a different context; making paper and colours from plant […]

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  • Whispering

    Responding to the rhythm of soft sounds of the marsh reeds and the birds. Visit Sian’s blog

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  • Wrought on the Levels

    Celebrating the ancient basket making craft using the willows grown on the Somerset Levels.

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  • Wrapped canes, grasses and frayed linen edge


    Inspired by the landscape rhythms of Steart Marshes wetlands, Sian has used locally grown  Somerset willow and cane, combined with fabrics that have been weathered by the wetland environment to record the rhythmical changes of pattern. She is particularly interested in contours and layers within the sediment which sculpted by the ebb and flow of […]

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  • Murmurations

    Inspired by the rhythms of murmurations of starlings at dusk over the wetlands of Somerset. Made from dyed willow; wrapped and tied with paper yarn and fabric fragments. Exhibited with the 62 Group of Textile Artists in Japan in 2013.

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  • Jemila’s Forest

    The inspiration for these two mixed media textiles – ‘Jemila’s Forest’ and ‘Rolling out the Carpet of Hope‘ has been the United Nations conservation project to re-hydrate the deserts of the world’s by planting areas of saplings to draw water to the surface aiming to control desert encroachment. The shift from desert to fertile […]

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