Sian Martin portrait

Individual Mentoring

Personalised and individual

Discuss your individual development needs as a creative artist with Sian Martin.


This mentoring scheme with Siân Martin is aimed at students who have completed a structured textile course. If you wish to continue your creative journey in a freer and individual way, support from Siân, an experienced textile artist and teacher, could help you on your journey.

Siân offers either a single Zoom session which you can request whenever you wish or a series of four sessions arranged at intervals to suit you.

Each conversation with Siân will enable you to discuss the development of your creative work and how best she can support you.

We will be able to discuss your main aims and objectives, and together, work out a way forward for you and help you find your sense of direction. You would need to have started on a personal project which could be at the early stages of development. It would be useful if you could present your work in a simple format and send to Siân before the agreed introductory mentoring session.

A follow up session could be a further one hour Zoom session whenever required. Or it could be a series of 4 x one hour Zoom sessions at regular intervals to suit you, – monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly.

That was a wonderful session, thank you so much. On my new semi-reclusive regime, there are no commitments for mid-February so whatever is convenient for you will be good for me also. You’ve really fired me up so there will be a foray round to the studio very soon!

I went out for second walkies with a real spring in my step after our session this morning – thank you so much for your inspirational guidance and encouragement!’

Further details from Siân Martin who will be pleased to discuss your needs and advise you.