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  • Cane shapes of small tree forms

    Disrupting your creative thinking

    Working to an exhibition theme can disrupt your normal thinking process. Something we all need from time to time. Siân will show you how this has given her the incentive to rethink and refresh through examples of her recent textile work. Please email Siân for further details.

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  • Stitching in the Air

    Sian’s definition of stitch is a broad one that encompasses wrapping, threading, binding and looping as well as conventional stitch.  She enjoys using thread (and anything else that could be a thread) as a three-dimensional journey, rather than as something that only appears on a surface. Sian loves the idea of thinking of the whole […]

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  • Button links in waistcoat

    Stitch Connections

    We will consider the influences that shape us as artists and makers. This topic will share my own influences and invite the audience to ponder their own; to find our routes that enable us to move forward. My own family influences formed my own beginnings both as an artist and as a teacher and my […]

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